About me

Hey there πŸ‘‹,

I create blog posts mainly about Backend and Software Engineering. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others public as possible. You can see a full list of what I am up to on πŸ–‹iroleh.tech. If you found value in something I have created, please feel free to send a β˜•Tip, If you want to say thanks without a tip that's ok too, share it in a tweet and mention me @IrolehVincent, give some β™₯ on πŸ–‹Hashnode.com/@iroleh.

Boy Scout Rule 🎌

I love open source. I am not a heavy maintainer of any large libraries, but I really like the boy scout rule. I contribute to things as I come across issues that I think other people might struggle with. These may be things that are overlooked by someone who is deep into the library. I πŸ’• a good onboarding readme with a good example.

My Digital Garden 🌱

I write regular blog posts, most of which you will find on my personal website iroleh.tech and hashnode.com/@iroleh.

I write about things I am familiar with, things that trip up folks that I mentor, and things that I am learning. Day to day I make things with data using Python and NodeJS.

My Social Garden πŸ₯‘

Education πŸŽ“

Computer Engineering Major, lead the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors while in school, organizing and speaking at tech events about Microsoft Technologies, and web technologies in general. Served as the Director of Software in my Department, where I managed the Software laboratory and organized in-house software engineering workshops and hands-on labs.

Experience πŸ’Ό

While in school, worked as a contract software engineer in a tech consultation firm as a backend engineer, creating robots APIs and facilitating technical Bootcamp.

Freelancing has been my day-to-day thing, I have built some amazing products for individuals and private corporations.

Hackathons and side projects are fun, I have participated in various online/offline hackathons including the Auth0 Hackathon that sent me some awesome swags πŸ˜‰.

Hire Me πŸ‘¨

I'm currently open to software engineering roles onsite and remote. I play a very important role in team-work, I make sure everyone around me is happy and enjoy the amazing works they do. My experience is of no question, just give me a chance to add value to your amazing team.

πŸ“¬ Send me a mail @ irolehiroleh@gmail.com

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